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I searched for a few fantasy blogs and this one really caught my eye. I really like what he does he’s very thorough on why choosing a specific player for each week. He’s very consistent on uploading before waiver deadlines which helps out a ton! Really like the topics he has created such as “Setting Your Lineup, Ace Picks, The Rules Of Survival”.

His most recent update on “Setting Your Lineup” he helps you pick up quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers and and also explains which players to avoid as well. Real good explanations like he says to avoid Josh McCown this week. ” Three straight weeks going over 300 yards, and McCown must feel pretty good right about now, but this week he’s going up against that phenomenal Broncos defense that has limited every single quarterback they’ve faced this season. The streak continues for them, and it’s a bump in the road for McCown. Keep him on the bench.”

In “Ace Picks” he explains the teams that are going to play against each other for that week. Explains the ins-and-out of each team and what their results could most likely be. Make sure y’all follow his blog at The Fantasy Ace. He also has a twitter make sure you follow him as well. My twitter is right here where I update my fantasy team daily.


Box Score Week 5

I wasn’t able to upload my “Waiver Wire” before week 5 started so there’s a few changes I haven’t noted. Anyways, week 5 was a success and I came up with an incredible win. My main starters were back in action and came out with high performances! Tom Brady (QB) was my MVP with the highest fantasy point scoring for my team this week. He averaged 275 passing yards threw for 2 touchdowns and 1 rushing touchdown (27 points). One of those touchdowns Tom Brady threw was caught by teammate Julian Edelman (WR). He ended that game with 4 receptions and 120 receiving yards (21 points).

My run game got a lot better than last week. I started Carlos Hyde (RB) once again hoping he would have a better game than last week. It wasn’t bad at all he averaged 21 attempts with 93 rushing yards giving him 1 touchdown (15 points). I also started Charles Sims(RB) he had 51 rushing yards and 85 receiving yards (13 points). I still have Isaiah Crowell benched incase for injuries or bye weeks.

I’m still looking to make minor tweaks here and there such as changing defense or tide ends, it all depends on the opponents as of next week. I always check “Ace Picks” & “Setting Your Lineup” on The Fantasy Ace. Real good tips and information as well. Make sure to give him a follow to help you out on your fantasy team. Here is my twitter where I update my fantasy team frequently. Picture of the box score for week 5.

fantasy football
Box Score Week 5

Box Score Week 4

As everyone knows this week was tough because of bye week. My starting quarterback Tom Brady and teammate wide receiver Julian Edelman were benched and replaced with Tyrod Taylor (QB) and Rishard Matthews (WR). Unfortunately for Taylor I didn’t expect for him to put up this low of a number fantasy point wise. He averaged 274 passing yards for 1 touchdown and 1 interception (15 points). The Bills struggled the whole game versus the Giants accumulating over 15 penalties unfortunately costing them the game. As for Matthews he did not show out this game versus the Jets. He averaged 1 reception for 16 yards(1 point).

I have been struggling with my running game and can’t seem to find a stable running back. Carlos Hyde (RB) faced the Green Bay Packers this week and came up short. He averaged 8 attempts for 20 rushing yards(2 points). I also started Matt Jones over Isaiah Crowell which ended up back firing on me. Matt Jones averaged 7 attempts for 11 rushing yards (1 point). As for Isaiah sitting on the bench averaged 12 attempts for 63 rushing yards(12 points).

I was hoping my wide receivers would have a monster game like last week. A.J. Green stayed quiet compared to last week only averaging 7 receptions with 82 receiving yards (8 points). As for Larry Fitzgerald he didn’t have a game like last week only averaging 7 receptions with 99 receiving yards (9 points). I also started Martellus Bennett (TE) which he had his best game of the season. He averaged 11 receptions with 83 receiving yards and 1 touchdown (14 points).

Fantasy Football TXST
Box Score Week 4

Sadly, I lost this head to head match-up. It was very close and it came down to the last game Lions vs Seahawks. I was up around 20 points after Sunday and he still had 2 players in his line-up scheduled to play Monday. Calvin Johnson (WR) & Lions Defense S/T. I wasn’t to worried and thought I would sneakily pull off this win this weekend even with the horrible score I had. I knew Seahawks weren’t going to let Johnson have a game and the Lions defense I would assume around 5-10 points. Who would’ve known they would put up 22 fantasy points with 1 touchdown 3 fumble recovery’s and 13 points allowed. Nothing we can do now but look into waivers and ready up for next week! You can follow my twitter and see constant updates.

Waiver Wire heading into Week 4

Okay so I had a total of 3 waiver orders, unfortunately I was only able to successfully acquire 2/3. Sadly the one player I was really hoping to get Karlos Williams was chosen before I could get him. I had to do something about my WR position being opened up today because of Julian Edelman having a bye week. I have a couple of wide receivers on the bench but I wanted to see if I could pick up a star player or at least someone that would be able to have a outbreak week 4.


  • Devin Funchess (WR)
  • Mike Wallace (WR)


  • Ted Ginn Jr. (WR)
  • Rishard Matthews (WR)

I traded these 2 wide receivers because they were just on my bench and really weren’t doing much. I picked up Ginn Jr because he’s averaging 7-10 fantasy points so its better than 0. Matthews had a great week 3 putting up 23 fantasy points and averaging around 10 points weekly. Hopefully my wide receivers do damage this week because I’m not relying on my running backs to average that many points this week. I am starting Carlos Hyde along side with Matt Jones hoping they don’t disappoint and at least both average 10 points each. This is a look at the match-up for week 4. Make sure to follow my twitter @sebaslive for day to day updates!

Fantasy football TXST
Week 4

Week 3 Box Score

I was actually really nervous for week 3 I didn’t really think I was going to be able to win this week but luckily it was a blow out repeat of week 2! Okay so my line-up for week 3 changed a little bit. I swapped out 4 players in total. I benched both my starting running backs (Carlos Hyde, DeAngelo Williams) since Hyde had a leg injury I didn’t think he would see the ball that much this game. He ended up carrying for 51 yards (6 points) and with Le’Veon Bell back in the picture Williams only carried for a 2 yards (0 points). I started Isaiah Crowell & Matt Jones, both players did horrible both averaging 3 points each. I also benched Terrance Williams (WR) and Martellus Bennett (TE) replacing them with Larry Fitzgerald (WR) and Eric Ebron (TE).

Okay so my All-Star mvp of my team is usually Tom Brady (QB). He didn’t disappoint this week but he wasn’t the highest scorer of the week for me. He threw for 358 yards and 2 touchdowns (22 points). His teammate Julian Edelman was active this week but was just a bit short and came up with no touchdowns. Only averaging 8 receptions with 85 receiving yards (8 points). Someone who had been quite for these 2 games was A.J. Green (WR) averaging 10 receptions with 227 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns (37 points). Making him the scoring leader for week 3 for wide receivers! And I didn’t make the same mistake twice, I started Larry Fitzgerald and he did what he’s suppose to do out there! He averaged 9 receptions with 134 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns (25 points).

Taking a look into week 4 I have Tom Brady(QB) on bye week which worries me a bit since he is a great weapon for my team. I will replace him with rookie quarterback Tyrod Taylor even though he has been putting up great numbers I am a little worried. His status is currently on “probable” having suffered a minor ankle injury. I also have to do something about my main two running backs and someone to replace wide receiver Julian Edelman. Make sure you follow my twitter it’s where I’ll be posting updates day to day. (@sebaslive)

Box Score for Week 3

fantasy football
Week 3

Waiver Wire

I had to make a couple of changes for week 3 according to injuries and some players getting more or less points than expected.


  • Latavius Murray (RB)
  • Marcus Mariota (QB)
  • Anquan Boldin (WR)
  • Delanie Walker (TE)
  • Danny Woodhead (RB)


  • Browns D/ST
  • Tyrod Taylor (QB)
  • Isaiah Crowell (RB)
  • Eric Ebron (TE)
  • Matt Jones (RB)

Unfortunately 1 of my offers was unsuccessful. I tried getting Travis Benjamin (WR). Player had already been added to another team. My waive order is 10/10 so I was last place to make changes.

Here is what my team is looking like so far.

fantasy football   fantasy football

Make sure to follow me at @sebaslive on twitter! I also always check out The Extra Point on twitter and their blog real helpful stuff for fantasy!

Week 2

Week 2 was awesome! I wrecked, got the most points out of my league for that week and of course meaning I got the win this weekend. I played the same starting line-up I played week 1 except for a few changes. I benched Larry Fitzgerald and replaced him with Terrance Williams, why? I thought he would shine this week because wide receiver Dez Bryant for the Dallas Cowboys got injured so I thought he would see the ball a lot more that game. That didn’t happen but he didn’t come up so short and averaged 4 receptions leading him to 84 receiving yards and 1 touchdown(14 points).

Once again Tom Brady did not disappoint and got 466 passing yards and 3 touchdowns(30 points). With that being said he did out score everyone else in my team for that week. My second highest scorer was Larry Fitzgerald and I was frustrated I benched him. He had 8 receptions with 112 receiving yards and 3 touchdowns(29 points). Julian Edelman didn’t stay quite this week either and put up some numbers. Averaged 11 receptions with 97 receiving yards and 2 touchdowns (22 points). The last player that did damage this week was DeAngelo Williams with 77 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns (26 points). Those were my top 4 players for this week.

Taking a look into week 3 I need to do some changes. Carlos Hyde didn’t do as well as predicted from what he showed week 1. Only getting 43 rushing yards(5 points) and he suffered a leg contusion during Sunday’s game against the Steelers and is questionable for week 3. DeAngelo Williams probably won’t be seeing the ball that much this coming week with Le’Veon Bell coming back from his 2 game suspension. Those were my 2 starting running backs so week 3 isn’t looking to good. Also might be looking into a new defense with Texans averaging 1 point week 1 and 5 points week 2. I’ll keep an eye out for free agents that will benefit me for week 3 and hopefully get a good pick up.

Here you can see the scoring leaders for week 2!

Week 2
Week 2